KIOG LOGISTIC Ltd. provides  a wide range of transportation and logistics services to gratify the needs of its customers. We have no restrictions on place and time we can meet your needs and we have mutually helpful together! We express ourselves daily, proving our capabilities, putting the based of clean and easy future in international transport and services.

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Complete Loads/ FTL

Without limit we can deliver your load with our vehicle to the place where it should arrive on time. The loads will be tracked in our technology and we guarantee your safety!

Part loads/LTL

Wide range of services offered from a single source - this is possible thanks to our extensive portfolio of services that includes from parcels to general cargo transport. 

Under temperature control

Our employees involved in the transport of cargo under temperature regime are highly qualified and possess the specialized knowledge necessary to ensure compliance with all applicable safety regulations.

Dangerous goods/ ADR

We must know everything when, we transport ADR goods, different classifications of products require different types of transport precautions must be taken.