Refrigerated trailers and vans


Transportation of food and medical products. Obtained SRC certificates. Refrigerated trailers are: With length 13,60 m and width: 2,45 m.

Standard: height 2,70 m, volume 85 M3
MEGA: height 2,90 m, volume 98 M3

Inner temperature with range from - 25 C to +25 C. Haulage of all kinds of food products such as: chilled/frozen meat; fruit; vegetables and medical goods

The trailers can be loaded through rear doors, sideways , or to be entirely open so to be loaded from the roof. Tarpaulin semi-trailers cover most of the customers cargo needs and are suitable for most of the goods.

Length/width/height:13.60/2,45/2.45/2.60-2.80 m.

The difference between tarpaulin trailer and a caravan with solid walls, allows loading of a commodity that otherwise is likely to swell up the tarpaulin, commodity on hangers (clothes). It also implies thermal isolation and thus protects the product from being wet or stolen.

The maximum load is usually lesser than the one is tarpaulin trailers because the deadweight of this type of vehicle is greater. Loading is only from the back.